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>> the art exhibition inspired by political change that is raising money for victims of syria possible violence. violence. friends and mullion troops have retaken two central towns in their war on rebels from the north. the government extended the state of emergency for three months as it waits for support from african troops in what could be a long conflict. there is a warning that the situation is likely to get much worse. more on that in a moment. jackie reports from monaco. >> the town -- from mali.
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>> after a week of heavy fighting, the rebels cleared on sunday, leaving the way for troops to take the town. >> i look all around us. we must search and search some more. there may be still a few pockets of indian resistance. >> theophylline fell into it -- theopoli fell into rebel hands. french troops were fulfilling the goals set by their president. >> our objective was to stop the terrorist offensive. malianto allow bucknthye army to win back, and they would allow it to get back territorial integrity. we know that will take more time. >> those african troops have been arriving slowly over the
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past few days. at the moment they can be counted in the hundreds, but they aim is to have several thousand to take over ground operations from the french. >> everyone is in agreement. today the african forces can be deployed quickly. >> until they are deployed, the job of securing recaptured towns fall to the french. in many cases the rebels' mountain back into civilian population. they could launch an attack at any time. so far the towns they have held retake are all in central mali, but vast stretches to the north are still held by groups linked to out kind of. a long fight lies ahead. -- linked to al qaeda.
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>> supply is likely to get even worse puree. nearly 375,000 have fled. the charity warrants in many places agencies are struggling to meet the needs of people seeking health. child malnutrition rates are already worryingly high. he has recently been in mali. >> we see ahead of us along crisis, and when i was there last year, we assess the community was not necessarily ready for displaced people who fled the occupation of the north by the forces, so it is regarding strategies that have
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been who applied by force to the north. we need to be able to provide for those who have been displaced so far, and we are talking about one in 30,000 people within molly itself and 150,000 across the borders. >> reports from a retreat us say more than 100 soldiers have stormed the ministry of information building. they are said to be demanding the release of political prisoners. tanks are surrounding the building. no shots have been fired, and the rest of the city is reported to be calm. it is a reportedly secretive nation. wikileaks tables have revealed they are and who cruel and a fine.
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eritrea is one of the poorest nations, but very little is known. the media is tightly controlled. it is less free than north korea. a journalist in tampa has been speaking to sources on the ground. >> the current situation people ,ere quick to call it a coup when they did not have any symptoms. what happened is a couple of armed soldiers stormed the ministry of information and asked to have the director of the state-owned media read two important statements. the first one was to read the implementation of the constitution that was never implemented. the second one was calling for the release of political prisoners, so that is the update
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so far. there was no shooting. they did not have any symptoms of coup. the buzz word has been that it is a coup. reliable sources are telling me it is under government control, and my colleagues are told to go back home. it has been quiet. >> barack obama has begun his second term as u.s. president with a call to action. after taking the oath of office, he told americans to seize the moment and said the country's possibilities were limitless. 800,000 people were watching his inauguration speech. he warned america must make tough choices to cut the deficit, and he pledged to support democracy from asia to africa and from the americas to the middle east. we will be live in washington in just a moment, but first this report.
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>> this is the day he fought so hard for. president barack obama begins his second term and gets another chance to change america. >> i swear i will faithfully execute -- >> it was a smaller crowd than the last time he took the oath of office, but he tried to inspire. >> you and i as citizens have the obligation to shape the debate of our time not only with the votes we cast but with the voices we live in defense of our most ancient values and injuring ideas. -- answering ideas. >> he believes he needs to get the american people involved if he has any chance. from climate change to the tax code, immigration to education, he promised reform. >> we will support democracy from the americas to the middle
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east because our interests compel us on behalf of those who long for freedom. >> every word was meant to reinforce his aggressive agenda. >> our agenda is not complete until are gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law, for if we are created equal, the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. >> although racial equality was front and center, i think a lot of the second term will be devoted to other things. >> the president takes one last look, noting he will not see this again. will not ever be the focus of the 9000 person parade. he could barely stop himself from dancing, one last night to
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celebrate his historic presidency before he begins what is expected to be a huge fight with congress. >> president obama's speech dealt mostly with domestic issues. there was not much on foreign policy. let's take a listen to what he did have to say. >> we will uphold our values through strength of arm and rule of law. we will show the courage to try to resolve our issues peacefully, not because we are naive about the dangers we face but because engagement can lift suspicion and fear. america will remain the anchor of strong alliances in every corner of the globe, and we will renew those institutions that extend our capacity to manage a crisis abroad, and no one has a greater stake in a peaceful world.
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>> we are joined by the director of the center at the atlantic council. thanks for being with us. we just heard the entire context of the mention of foreign policy. are you surprised how little was mentioned? >> not at all. this is the essence of foreign policy where we need to focus on domestic renewal. there were some bold initiatives in terms of rhetoric in the first year of the administration. we heard the cairo speech talking to the muslim world. we heard the prague speech, but the follow-up was a little bit tepid, so i think you will see more of the same, very few foreign policy initiatives and more of a management approach as we rebuild at home. >> when he says he wants to show courage to try to resolve our
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issues with other nations peacefully, is that a reference to iran? >> i think there are a number of problems where we could try to lead some prophecies and result in a safer world. i think there will be a push on iran, so i think you have hit on one of the exceptions. i think there will be a free trade agreement and initiative, but i think there are a number of other crises where i do not see a bold set of initiatives. >> you are saying he will favor diplomacy as he has in the past. when we look to the next term and the nomination of chuck hegel as secretary of defense, and you think about the continuation of his policies? >> the nomination for cia and senator kerry for secretary of state, these are very talented
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managers, but i think the essence of the obama administration across foreign policy process is a centrally run process out of the white house by the national security advisor, by the president, the vice president. i think you will see more of that, so we will see more of the same, with a few exceptions. >> is stepping back approach, and you think that is going to be showing in mali and syria? we are likely -- unlikely to see the u.s. taking the lead in those conflicts? >> i am worried. we had china and japan increasingly competitive with potential conflicts with territorial disputes in the south china sea. we had india and pakistan. we had new instability in northern africa. we have syria. we have a number of crises potentially multiplying, but i do not see a different or strong
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or old set of initiatives from the u.s. i hope so. ink tv. >> hello, the top stories. troops have retaken two central towns from rebel groups. the government extended the
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state of emergency by three months. soldiers in retreat briefly seized the information ministry. they have reportedly called on the government to pass a draft constitution and release political prisoners. the u.s. capital is holding celebrations for the inauguration of president obama's second term. he pledges to bring down the more than 16 trillion dollar debt. the algerian government has been given details of last week's hostage crisis. the prime minister confirmed at least 37 foreign workers were killed. five others were unaccounted for. the workers killed were from japan, america, britain, france, and the philippines. a hostage takers came from
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egypt, canada, mauritania, and tunisia. 29 of the hostage-takers were killed. five were arrested. pol brennan has more. >> the international teams are being granted access. this is the japanese delegation trying to discover the fate of their countrymen that are unaccounted for. nine vehicles with libyan plates, 32 militants. they say the militants intended to hijack this bus and fully to northern mali, taking hostages with them. they turned their attention to the main facility. he said the government was intent on blowing up the gas terminal. >> if we had the internet, it would communicates.
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it is obvious everyone knows him, so the operation was restricted to the gas plant, and the aim of the terrorists was to blow up the gas plant. >> the fact that now some of the bodies have not been identified indicates the attack, but there have been extraordinary stories about the thin line between survival and death. >> the attackers started kicking in the doors. they started shooting in the doors of the officers. one man had bullets flying in front of his face. they took the wounded, told them inside, and they killed them in cold blood. >> devising a long-term strategy is a matter of urgency. britain will take over the g-8 chairmanship next year. they will be making algeria one of the top priorities. >> we will work hard to deepen
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our security cooperation, and we will contribute to an international effort to find and dismantle the network of plants the brutal assault. >> there are many questions unanswered about the hostage taking. identifying the bodies could be a lengthy task, but preventing it is being repeated is the priority of lawmakers. >> israel is -- of policy makers. >> netanyahu is a clear favorite to win another term in office, but he will need a coalition, and that could take the government further to the right. >> it is no wonder he is smiling. voters are almost certain to hand netanyahu another term in office. it could have made for a dull campaign were it not for the new kids on the israeli block.
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it has made the campaign more about personality than policy. >> he is trying to make this campaign of personal campaign on his ability to be the prime minister. yes or no, without specific questions about policy. >> it is the rise in support for the secular brand that has been dominating had been -- headlines. the story of this election has not been so much about winners and losers as it has the power of the far right parties and which one netanyahu will take to be the next coalition government. >> in october netanyahu's foreign minister announced he
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would run on a single ballot. he looked likely to take a larger portion of seats in the new parliament, but in the last few weeks they have been losing support, mainly to this man. the 40-year-old millionaire encapsulates the emergence and acceptance of far right nationalism and israeli politics. bennet has run on a platform of restoring jewish values june politics as well as lowering cost of living. another man for the moment, the tv press center could become third in the elections and also be a coalition partner for netanyahu. rather than security issues, it is the economy that is dominating the of said -- the debate. netanyahu maybe on his way to another victory, but it is far from plain sailing.
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the parties are likely to be ideologically different. for netanyahu, winning the selection and now may be the easy part. >> the trial of five men accused of raping a woman on of us have begun a fast track court in new delhi. the case has caused public outcry, and many are demanding women get better protection. the victim died two weeks after the incident. eight people have been killed in an attack in the afghan capital. a group of taliban gunmen stormed the building and took control of it for several hours. two policemen were among those killed. french prosecutors have charged an ethnic man with the murder of three female kurdish
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activists. he worked as a driver for the founder of the workers' party. she and two activists were found dead at a kurdish center in paris two weeks ago. the killing sparked protests from the community of kurds in france. russia is sending two passenger planes to be rude to fly home citizens escaping violence in syria. inside the country we are getting reports of an attack on a government building. it is thought more than 30 people have been killed, and many were members of the military. meanwhile, syrian jets have been bombing the central city of harmoms. rebels have controlled parts of the city for more than a year. the suburbs of damascus have
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been attacked by government plans. this apparently shows residents carrying away the injured. that is 9 kilometers from the capital. meanwhile, nato has arrived in southern turkey. they are intended for if the violence spills over from syria. a unique art exhibition in paris has raised thousands of dollars for the victims of violence in syria. some of the weapons were brought out her out of the conflict in the country. >> this small but impressive exhibition almost non happen. the growing turmoil meant artists became concerned about where the money raised would end up, but the french organizers, an impromptu group who previously worked in the region, managed to reassure artists from morocco to oman.
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>> the most important thing is to say to the syrian people you are not alone. this art proves their solidarity. >> the exhibition showcases the work of artists, many of them young, inspired by political and social changes in their region. some have constructed or an -- confronted war and destruction in their lives. >> there is a lot of innocent people being killed, so all this art is going to be sold to raise money. it is a good reason for me to be here. >> other works tell a story. >> when i was asked to contribute, this one fited perfect. >> this one was scheduled to last just a few days, but its relevance to the events unfolding daly has created a
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huge interest here. now-from the sale of art will create health care -- cash from the sale of the art will help with health care. >> sex education is to be taught after a controversial health care bill. the law which allows contraceptives to be available to all has been criticized by the catholic church. many who support the bill are also catholic. >> the family has always been devoutly catholic. all five children were raised for the teachings of the church, but they campaign for a comprehensive reproduction health bill. they were condemned for their actions and thrown out of religious service by a priest for being immoral. >> it saddens me to be a
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legitimate catholic and human being and to be called immoral, but i was not deterred. i believe my actions are for the greater good of women and children who happen to be girls. >> many of the catholic filipinos are like a gala cruise -- de la cruzes. they participate in rituals but no longer abide by everything church leaders say, particularly when it comes to social issues. >> spanish colonizers have gone to the philippines. it dominated almost all aspects of life. now church officials say the church has always survived by managing to adapt by holding fast to or belief. the catholic church has worked on reaching out, but many of them have been detached from
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reality. the church has conservative views on sexuality and marriage, and the philippines is the only country in the world where divorce is not allowed. >> sometimes you have to learn to be unpopular. there are limits to what you can change. you cannot water down the truth. we can make expressions of our convictions. >> as much as church leaders are sticking to their convictions, the faithful are developing their own. >> it cannot always be up to the church to decide things. people should have a right to decide for themselves, depending on their circumstances. >> to remain devoutly catholic,
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and many other filipino catholics see no contradiction between adapting to
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